Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association

The beginning of Sports goods Industry in Pakistan can be traced back to as early as 1870. During the reign of Mughal Emperor Jehangir the Muslims invaded this city and Sialkot became an integral part of the Great Mughal Empire. The affiliation with Greater Empire enhanced its trade activities and Sialkot expanded its links to various parts of India.

During the years of progress, Sialkot had accommodated the settlement of Mughal artisans as well, as the British soldiers and was esteemed for the products manufactured by hand locally.

It was 1918 when the first football supplied by a British Army personnel, was re-stitched in Sialkot followed by its local production. However, the first Muslim Artisan working with UBEROI Syed Sahib, pioneered the production of Footballs in his own small manufacturing unit. The leather was processed manually in small tanks and workers used to stand knee deep into the water tanks for hours to tan the raw leather.

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